Hi, I am Ed Kimmel, born in The Hague (in 1958) and now living close to Leiden in a town called Oegstgeest (be careful to pronounce this!). When I turned 60 I started a new career as a tourguide for various companies, touring in Holland, Belgium and France.  Being a true and proud Dutchman and miller’s grandson, I love my country and tell its amazing stories. I am also in for a good laugh, have a ‘gezellig’ meal and drinks and go out on a bike or sailboat or just for a swim.

The other office-folks and guides that help me out with my company are either family or long time friends who share my ideas of traveling around.

You can check my resumé at LinkedIn

Holland stories included in all bike tours


  • Northsea coast & beach
  • Rhine / Maas rivers
  • Delta works
  • Europe’s #1 port Rotterdam


  • From 1500 AD
  • Golden age VOC&WIC
  • Royal Family – House of Orange
  • WW II & Liberation


  • Hike & bike
  • Sail & swim
  • Train & boat
  • Bus & ferry


  • Holland circular cities:
    Amsterdam, Leiden,  The Hague, Rotterdam etc
  • Other towns:
    Alkmaar – Zwolle – Arnhem – Middelburg etc


  • Flowers & cheese
  • Windmills & wooden shoes
  • Canals & bikes
  • Dutch masters & Unesco heritage


  • Master painters
  • Modern life
  • Museums & Music


  • Food & drink
  • Sports & traditions
  • Politics & language


  • Green heart & national parks
  • Dutch mountains & polder landscapes
  • Coastal dunes & beaches
  • Rivers, lakes, dikes & below/above sealevel (NAP)

Holland vs the Netherlands